Tracking in Pasadena
Morgan working a homicide
Trailing in Pasadena with SWAT
Lost Boy in Ojai
Getting ready to search
Roscoe at a demo
Roscoe demo
Morgan with child
NO - Dogs
K9 Morgan

Law Enforcement Tracking / Trailing Bloodhounds in Los Angeles & Ventura Counties

Trailing dogs are trained to follow the path that a lost person has taken. Similar to traditional "tracking" dogs, these dogs require a properly preserved scent article and are not distracted by other people in the area.  These dogs work on long leashes. Trailing dogs most frequently work trails that are several days old.


Tracking / Trailing canines serve the law enforcement community by following suspects scent.  Unlike typical patrol dogs, the Bloodhounds are scent specific.  They are trained to only follow the suspects scent.  For instance... If a group of three people were involved in a shooting, the canine would only follow the person who shot the gun.  By using the bullet casings as your scent article, the person who loaded and fired the weapon is the scent the dog would trail.

The handlers of California Search K9, LLC have worked for many Law Enforcement agencies: FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Pasadena Police Department, Santa Paula Police Department, Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Ventura Police Department, Oxnard Police Department, Santa Paula Police Department, Simi Valley Police Department, Burbank Police Department, Hawthorne Police Department, Culver City Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, City of Bell Police Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Inglewood Police Department, Santa Monica Police Department, Redondo Beach Police Department, Torrence Police Department, El Monte Police Department, Anchorage Police Department, Chicago Police Department, and many others.



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