Human Remains Detection - HRD

With over 30 years combined experience, California Search K9 has the canine that's right for you.  With 3 HRD dogs ready to work at a moments notice, we are just a phone call away.  Working for many different law enforcement agencies, our dogs teams have seen it all.  The HRD teams are made up of handlers that work in the Law Enforcement field, and have worked many high profile cases.

Cadaver dogs are used to locate the remains of deceased victims.  All of our dogs are off leash and are able to search a large area for buried remains.  All our dogs are stable and can work along side another HRD dog without distraction. Cadaver dogs can locate entire bodies (including those buried or submerged), decomposed bodies, body fragments (including blood, tissues, hair, and bones), or skeletal remains.

Agencies we have worked for: FBI, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Pasadena PD, South Pasadena PD, Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Oxnard Police Department, Ventura Police Department, Santa Paula Police Department, Hawthorne Police Department, Inglewood Police Department, and many others...




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