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Aug 26, 2020

Barbara and K9 Toby(1st Place Basic Obedience)

We waited months to get into the class, but it was absolutely worth it. I have done dog training classes before, but have never been able to achieve such amazing results, let alone in such a short time frame.

Mike provided the structure that allowed Toby to go from having no idea what I wanted to mastering the command within a week. Whenever we were stuck, Mike, Anne or Dave had a tip to help get to the next level. Since Toby came to us as an adult--the training also was a great way to bond with him.

Everywhere I take Toby people comment on how well behaved he is--thank you Mike, Anne and Dave!!

Jan 15, 2020

Oscar and K9 Rocky (1st Place Basic Obedience)

This was an incredible experience for Rocky and I! Mike and his team are phenomenal! Rocky has come a long way from day 1 to graduation, and all the hard work was well worth it.

Rocky being a typical crazy Malinois, I didn’t think we would even get through week one. Not only did Rocky graduate, but he won 1st place! That speaks volumes to how great this class is.

Class was very fun and felt like time just flew by. All the trainers are so helpful with every single owner and their dog. It made for a great training experience.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Rocky. There’s still more training for my young Malinois but the strong foundation Cal Search K9 built is solid! I can’t thank you all enough!

Jan 15, 2020

De Marq and K9 Reign (2nd Place Basic Obedience)

After we brought Reign home, we immediately began working on her basic training. He was definitely going to be a big dog and require a firm hand. At 5 months we boarded him with a local, yet “world famous” training academy, which promised he would return with 8 basic commands, and crate and house training completed. This sounded great since he already had a firm grasp on sit, down, crate training and had a 75% success ratio in being house broken. After $2500, providing 50lbs of beef, 50lbs. of dog food, 10 days of missing my lil guy and 3 days of intensive handler training, we came home with an amazingly skinny dog with a firm grasp of sit, down, going to the crate and a 80% success ratio with being house broken.

Shortly after, while getting a check-up, a young lady at Vet people thought he would do amazing in a training class with CalSearch K9. I explained to her our experience, and she shared hers. A REAL testimonial about the entire experience, the bonding with her dog, the results and THE PRICE (A FRACTION OF WHAT I PAID)!!!

We started January 15, 2020. The first night Mike, Ann and Dave laid the plan out. Each week we were to learn 1 to 2 techniques, practice 10 to 15 minutes a day for 6 days, return to class to test and repeat for the next 7 weeks.

Being probably one of the youngest, Reign was super excited by all the dogs, all the smells and all the people. HE WOULD NOT SETTLE DOWN. I was barely able to listen to the instructions. Luckily, we were provided a booklet and a video library the first night we could reference.

Reign and I worked on our skills most days, 2x a day for approximately 20 minutes. Not consecutively; some times were scheduled, but other times we were just around the house and we’d throw the leash on and practice heeling, or a sit stay.

Yet, most class days I felt like we just weren’t getting it. I asked many questions from all 3 trainers and they shared various tips and tricks to improve our home workouts little by little.

We were able to win 2nd place overall in our class. Reign pays attention more closely to the family. Even on free time he checks in to make sure we are good. He doesn’t pull on leash, sits, downs, stays ( for minutes at a time), heels (on and off leash), comes when called, waits patiently to eat (even when the bowl is in front of him), goes to his crate on command, goes to bed on command, and doesn’t jump on family or visitors. He even automatically sits when we come to a stop.


Oct 24, 2018

Carrie and K9 Tressa (1st Place Basic Obedience)

My dog, Tressa, and I had a wonderful experience with the Basic K9 Obedience Course provided by Cal Search K9 Detection & Training Academy!! On the first day of training, my 2 year-old, 12 pound, scruffy mutt was shaking, quivering and hiding behind me, as she was in unfamiliar territory surrounded by other dogs that towered over her. She was the only small dog in the class. But by the 3rd week, she confidently hopped right out of the car as we headed to class!

It was amazing to see Tressa’s progress as we worked together with our weekly assignments. 10-15 minutes, twice a day is all it took! It was important to commit to those two short daily sessions in order to achieve great results. This simple commitment strengthened the bond between me and Tressa along the way!

Tressa learned to pay attention to me when she was on leash. I was taught how to hold a leash, and truly walk her in a heel, which positively changed our experience of going for walks! It is so much more pleasant to walk a dog that pays attention to you, instead of struggling with a pet that is pulling on the leash or wrapping the leash around your legs! Now, Tressa gladly walks at my side, easily adjusting when I make turns, and sits whenever I stop,….. whether she is on or off the leash! That’s how fabulous this training is! And, it all makes perfect sense!

Mike, Ann and Dave are wonderful at explaining and demonstrating each lesson. In addition, we, the handlers, developed a wonderful bond as we worked together training our pets. Classes were fun, and it brought such joy to see others achieve successes with their pets, too. We trained our dogs to heel, sit, turn, sit-stay, down, down-stay, figure 8’s, about-face, recall and how to release our dog when we were finished. We even learned to recall our pets with a whisper when they were off leash and free roaming. Much more information was provided about dogs; how they think and respond, and what they ultimately want from their handler………affection. Our successes were accomplished with the reward of praise, which can be offered any time in any location!

I am so pleased with the results Tressa and I had with this obedience course. Now, I am in the process of applying to same concepts to my 12 year old Lab/Australian Shepherd. And I am doing something which was never possible prior to my taking the Basic K9 Obedience course; I’m walking both dogs together on my left without difficulty! It’s such a joy!  ~Carrie Breitung & Tressa~ Moorpark, CA

Mar 14, 2018

Joanne and K9 Chewie (1st Place Basic Obedience)

It's hard to believe the difference between Chewie at the start of this course and now. Mike and his team have trained us both! We had a great time and learned loads.  We need to keep up the practice though :)

Mar 28, 2018

Abby and K9 Kuma (1st Place Basic Obedience)

I'm so thankful for Mike and his team! My training experience with my dog, Kuma, was beyond what I could've asked for. Through the support and training from Mike, Ann, and Dave, I gained a higher level of understanding of my dog. With that support (and consistent work on my part), I was able to achieve solid results. I am now a happier and more confident dog owner!

Aug 23, 2017

Donna and K9 Keira (1st Place Basic Obedience)

Keira and I learned a lot in the Basic Obedience class. In addition to learning the "basics", we learned about dog behavior/thinking which is key. The instructor(s) also helped us with our individual dog personalities and gave us the tools to continue our training after the classes were completed. Overall, an excellent dog obedience class which I highly recommend for any dog owner.

May 03, 2017

Susie and K9 Augie

It takes a lot of practice & consistent work. It's a tough class like none you've ever been in before, but it works. We have a very high energy pup who we never thought would excel off leash. He is off leash for some recall work every day, he hiked off leash in Mammoth, stays close by & if he ventures a bit further out, he comes back when we call 'here'.

May 03, 2017

John and K9 Jett

Jett was adopted from SVMP at 5 months old and was a puppy with lots of love to give coupled with high energy. The only experience I have had with training was with my parents and their love for dogs as I grew up.

Unfortunately, Jett would ignore me and jump up on everyone that came around. I signed Jett up for the obedience class ASAP and I was glad I did.

After 6 weeks of training and commitment at home from dog and owner, Jett has significantly improved! He no longer jumps on anyone even when excited. He will greet me with toys at the door instead of nibbles and jumps. He listens when I give him commands (sit,stay,down,heel,HERE), I am in control again. It is a commitment to stay on top of the training even after the class, but it will pay off in the long run.

10/10 I would love to take a more ADV class and even try some of the other programs.
Thank you Mike, Ann, and the other volunteers.

May 03, 2017

Kenny and K9 Colt

My experience in dog handling prior to this course included self-taught home methods of obedience. I have definitely come out of this class a more educated and adept pet owner. In the past two months I have also seen my dog's attitude and manageability completely change as a result of this training.

This course was suitable for a wide range of people and dogs and I feel that any pet can be successful with the proper enthusiasm and motivation from their handler.

Mike and the instructors took the time to get to know each dog and their handler, giving us advice that was specific for our individual needs. They all have extensive backgrounds in the K-9 handling field and know their material very well.

I enjoyed coming to this class on a weekly basis and also training with my dog at home. I was previously frustrated with my home training methods but the ones taught in this course actually worked very well.

I am planning on attending the advanced course with my dog as well as putting my other one through the same basic obedience course. Couldn't be more happy with the outcome of the training. Thank you.

May 03, 2017

Jennifer and K9 Cloie (1st Place Basic Obedience)

By the time I had reached out to Mike at California Search K9 my dog Cloie had bitten me (one time drawing blood) several times, snapped and growled at my husband along with others and couldn’t be trusted. She wouldn’t make eye contact or come when called unless it was something she wanted. We had shown her nothing but love but clearly something had happened to her before she came to us that she just couldn’t get over. With a granddaughter due in July we were afraid to keep her and I hate to admit it, were considering putting her down. I saw a post from Simi Valley Missing Pets about an obedience class starting in a few weeks and discussed with my husband that we could pay the money to put her down or give this class a try. I called Mike the next day to get some information and he asked me some questions and gave me things to do immediately (even before I signed up for the class). I started doing those things that night on my run with her and instantly I could see a change. The first night of class on 5/3 we were all in a circle with Mike in the middle, all the dogs were facing towards him but not Cloie, with her new muzzle on, she was facing out with her butt towards the inner circle. Fast forward 6 weeks and we now have a totally engaged dog that makes eye contact, listens and is so much more relaxed, as am I. Cloie and I are still a work in progress but oh how far we have come. This could never have happened without the tools Mike, Ann, Dave & Rob have given me. I can’t thank them enough. I told Mike when I met him I heard he was a miracle worker and after completing his course I know it is true! This class isn’t easy and requires a commitment of time and consistency but the rewards for you and your dog are beyond measure.

May 03, 2017

Heather and K9 Shelby (1st Place Basic Obedience)

We had a great time and were regularly challenged in this obedience course!  Shelby's behavior changed after the first class and some of the training tips provided by both Anne and Mike.  The experience by both of them is unmatched.

This class required an open mind and time dedication but we're both better for it!  Once I was able to pick up the training, it's like she knew right away what to do.  Thank you Cal Search K9!


May 03, 2017

Kaleen and K9 Pistol (Dogtra E-Collar, and Basic K9 Obedience)

I can't tell you enough how much our training with Mike and the dogtra e-collar have changed our lives.  Pistol is 6 months old and is the strongest and most stubborn dog I have ever owned.  He's wonderful and lovable at home, but was becoming a liability when we were out (I'm not a big person and he was getting bigger by the day).  When we started classes it was apparent that we were in the right place, but I still struggled with some control.  We decided to try the e-collar with initial reluctance.  It was the best decision I've ever made!  I have complete control at a very low stimulation level and it's a great reminder for him without any pain (I put it on my own arm and tested it to be sure before I ever touched my dog with it).  He's a happier dog because he knows how to please and my family is happier because we have some extra assurance.  I highly recommend an e-collar for anyone who struggles with control the way that I did.


Mar 08, 2017

Tania and K9 Jax

I couldn't be more happy with the results from the Cal Search K9 obedience course! When Jax and I came to the training, he had only been out of the shelter for 5 days, so we barely knew each other. The first training class was a bit intimidating because this is NOT a class for what I'll call "vanity" training---if you want to teach your doggy cute little tricks, this is not the class for you. This is a class for people who want to have a good, calm, well-behaved dog--a dog they can feel comfortable taking anywhere. Just like anything in life, you will have to put in the work if you want the result. And let me tell you---Jax is a totally different dog after the training. And by "different", I mean he is so much more relaxed and happier because he knows what I want and aims to please now. I can now take Jax literally everywhere with me, and people marvel now at how calm and easy-going he is! The "homework" we did together each week created this amazing communication and bond between us, making interacting with him so rewarding and fun now. Mike, Ann, and the whole team over at Cal Search are awesome. They are tough on the trainers, but only because they absolutely love dogs and want to see everyone succeed. I will be taking this class again, and would recommend it to everyone!

Mar 08, 2017

Matt and K9 Calley

All of the instructors were very helpful. We'd like especially to thank Mike for spending the extra time before or after class or taking the time to respond to a question via email or text ensuring we got all the instruction we needed to make sure Calley was successful in her training. We highly recommend this course.

Jan 11, 2017

Zenaida and K9 Luke (1st Place Basic Obedience)

Received great support and instruction from highly qualified trainers. I noticed a tremendous and positive change in our dog Luke from the first class. Through this training I was able to learn how to become a good handler and help Luke build on his self-esteem. I continue to practice the methods taught and am very pleased when people praise how well-behaved and obedient our dog is. Highly recommend.What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Sep 28, 2016

Stacy and K9 Monkey (1st Place Basic Obedience)

I highly recommend this training course! My pup, named Monkey, an 8 month old Pit-Sharpei mix (best guess), who suffers from environmental fear issues, has benefited tremendously from this course. We (myself and my pup) learned how to achieve reliable basic obedience through a very structured and effective training method, and in addition, Monkey gained better self control in the face of real world distractions, and a lot more confidence along the way.

Thank you Mike, and all assistant trainers for your guidance during the past six weeks. We are excited to keep the training momentum going, and look forward to advanced obedience training, and CGC testing with Cal Search K9 in the near future.

Sep 28, 2016

Kim and K9 Charlie

Excellent training from all instructors. Looking forward to advanced training.

Sep 28, 2016

Jesse and K9 Asher

Being a 5 month old puppy, I wasn't sure how Asher would take to training. I could not be more pleased with his results in just 8 weeks. Training not only helped teach him correct behavior, but it was a great opportunity for bonding with him. I wasn't the only one who noticed his progress, my neighbors with dogs I could tell were jealous of his progress in just a few weeks. I have now referred a few friends and neighbors to Cal Search K9. I am confident that I now have a solid foundation of obedience to maintain and groom as Asher gets older. Thank you Cal Search K9!

Sep 28, 2016

Alba and K9 Duke (2nd Place Basic Obedience)

I would like to thank Mike and Ann for an outstanding program. I was skeptical about the program in the beginning, but after observing one of Mike's trained dog I was amazed and I said to myself, I want my dog Duke to be just like that one dog. Now, I can say that I'm very proud of Duke as he got second place at his graduation day thanks to the amazing program, Mike, Ann and the time I dedicated to Duke daily. My dog Duke will continue with the second faze as I want him to be as good as Mike's Dog! ;) I would like to rate this program as a 5 star class!

Sep 28, 2016

Leesa and K9 Percy (3rd Place Basic Obedience)

We came into this class with only the expectation of being able to get our dog to come when called. I came away with so much more! My dog is well behaved, but was not very obedient. We are well on our way to having both! Next up is our Cainine Good Citizen and then to therapy dog! Thank you Mike, Ann and team!

Jun 07, 2016

Elwyn and K9 Kona

We adopted Kona at 8 weeks from SVMP and started out at (store) training. Don't do that! The trainer obviously read a book and didn't know dogs. We heard about Mike and decided to enroll. Best.Decision.Ever !! Mike knows dogs, Mike knows people who get dogs! This isn't the one time a week training where you leave and don't do it again until a week later. Oh no - this is the real deal. And boy what a huge difference it makes. We cannot recommend him enough. And there's a test - a real one - at the end. I'm out with Kona twice a day reinforcing training and getting better and better. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Jun 07, 2016

Jennifer and K9 Roscoe (1st Place Basic Obedience)

Roscoe came into our lives about 2 years ago. My father-in-law, who has since passed away, loved this dog. When he was in an extended care facility, we snuck Roscoe in so he could see him. Roscoe laid calmly at 4 months old and let the entire facilty love on him. We knew Roscoe has a higher calling in life. Roscoe and I attend other obedience classes. However Roscoe didn't always do what I asked. It was not until we attended Cal Search K9 that I could reliably count on Roscoe doing what I asked every time I asked it. Mike and Ann's techniques were unlike anything I had used before and boy do they work. Roscoe is now on his way to making a great Therapy dog thanks to Cal K9 Search.

Jun 07, 2016

Chris and K9 Frankie

It takes time, dedication, patience, and determination but you will learn the tools necessary to train your furry loved one.

Jun 07, 2016

Shannon and K9 Ella

This was a great class. The trainers not only helped us train our pups but trained us owners as well; which was totally helpful because we have a German shepherd. The trainers are funny and sweet. The class is well structured and the trainers really care! Thank you!!em about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Apr 05, 2016

Stacy and K9 Sammie

Thank you Mike and Ann. Sammie is a different dog and your training was amazing and super helpful.. Thank you so much! We highly recommend this class. this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Sep 08, 2015

Shanon and K9 Redmond Alexander (1st Place Basic Obedience)

In the 8 weeks of training, Korey and I have seen such a difference in Red.  We are thankful to Mike, Ann and Dave for helping us train another important person in our family!  We were completely shocked when he got first place!!!  Thank you again and when we adopt another perfect dog we will definitely be coming back to you.  See you soon, Shanon Fleck

Sep 08, 2015

Danae and K9 Loki

Thank you Michael and Anne! for this eye-opening experience. I have never had a dog in my life which also means I had no idea how to train a pup or understanding of dog behavior. At first it seemed a little confusing and awkward why and how each lesson was presented to us, the handlers. The light-bulb finally goes on and it all pulls together! At first it was very hard (more on me) but each lesson built on the previous and the final results are amazing!

Sep 08, 2015

Jim and K9 Jesse

Thx for making Jesse and I a better team. We enjoyed our Tuesday nights.

Jul 14, 2015

Camille and K9 Bea (1st Place Basic Obedience)

This was an amazing class! My rescue yorkie was so disobedient I had no other choice. Mike and Anne really helped me out!!! She ended up taking first place and I have seen a 100 percent improvement in behavior. I couldn't be more happy with this class. All teachers are top notch. Thank you so much!!!!

Jul 14, 2015

Tom & K9 Lola

Oh my gosh this is the best training class there is!!! My dog Lola was the most stubborn dog there was on earth and now she listen.  I can take her outside running and she will not be bothered by other dogs.  She sits outside my gate with the gate open.  Lola will just look at the other noisy dogs as I sit there and smile.  I love Mike for everything he did for Lola.  Once again, best training class ever!

Jul 14, 2015

Sydney and K9 Dallas

I couldn't be more satisfied with this class! They are so welcoming and willing to go above and beyond for every dog's specific needs. Thank you Anne and Mike!

Jul 22, 2014

Gina and K9 Buddy

I loved the class and will miss it! 8 weeks flew by but I can not believe how much Buddy has learned and Improved.  Thank you all for the great tools!  And patients.  You all are so knowledgeable and caring for all of our dogs!  You guys really are the Best at what you do!

Jul 22, 2014

Babette and K9 Conan

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful training. you are the best and I want to thank you for your help and sharing your expertise. You really care about the way you train,  you are the best.  Conan is a good dog but he will be a great dog, thanks to you, Mike and your other help.  I am also getting trained...

Nov 18, 2013

Annette and K9 Frankie (RIP Frankie)

I highly recommend this class.  My dog and I have really come a long way!  Thanks guys!  We will miss you a lot!

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