K9 Obedience Academy - Located at: 5380 Gabbert Rd.,  Moorpark, CA  93021

California Search K9, LLC provides the highest quality K9 training in Southern California.  Taught by professionals that work in canine Law Enforcement and K9 SAR, our trainers use only the most current techniques used today.  This is not your ordinary cookie cutter class, this is a high paced, extremely demanding class designed for handlers that want to make their dogs the best.  This class requires a large time commitment, typically 6 nights a week in training.  The results you get are worth the extra effort.


Both our Instructors have a over 17 years experience handling and training working police and search/rescue canines.


Our training class is located in Moorpark, CA in Ventura County.

During this course, your dog will learn:

On and Off leash heeling

Recall of your dog

Finish of your dog


Sit Stay (up to 3 min)


Down Stay (up to 3 min)

Not to pull (walking in the heeling pocket)

Not to jump up

Finishing Movements

Distance Work

Distraction Work

Release Command

Tempo, Heeling at different speeds

And more...

Is your dog trained?


I frequently receive calls from pet owners who already have a "trained" dog.


Take this simple quiz...


Can your dog walk past other pets with out pulling or outbursts?

Does your dog come to you reliably off of the leash? 

Can you request your pet to "place" or "down" successfully?

Will your pet respond to you when distractions are present?

Can your dog greet your guests WITHOUT jumping, barking, crotch sniffing, or aggressive behavior?


7 Week Basic Group Obedience Class:  $375

(Repeat Handler, Different Dog):  $325 (Must bring prior graduation certificate to registration night)

        (Repeat Dog, Different Handler):  $325 (Must bring prior graduation certificate to registration night)

E-collar Training $125 Hr. , or $85 Hr. if E-collar is purchased from California Search K9

Private (in house) training $125 Hr. + Travel Costs $.65 per mile - both directions

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Testing: $20 (+ $20 to AKC)

AKC AGCA (Advanced Community Canine, Advanced Canine Good Citizen) Testing: $20 (+$20 to AKC)


Everyone in the family is encouraged to get involved. We pay close attention to the dog making sure he or she is not pushed past mental or physical capabilities from lesson to lesson.  Common issues we cover are... crate training, teething, housebreaking, diet, exercise, chew toys, and reward toys.  "DONT PLAY A GAME YOU CAN'T WIN".


Our trainers cover behavioral problems such as chewing problems, play biting, aggression towards people and/or other dogs, fear biting, hole digging, jumping on people who visit, jumping on furniture, food and/or toy possessiveness, getting into the garbage and other problems the owner might have experienced.


K9 Nose Work - Scent Detection Training (You choose odor)

6 Week K9 Nose Work - Intro to Detection, Imprinting, Search:  $600

K9 Tracking / Trailing Training

Week by week instruction:  $125 per lesson

Email for more information about Scent Detection

and Trailing/Tracking

English - German Commands

Next Class is:
July 15th @ 6pm or 7:30pm
To sign up for the next class, click this link!
  • Heel - Fuss

  • Sit - Setz

  • Down - Platz

  • Stay - Bleib

  • Come - Hier

  • Stand - Steh

  • No - Nein

  • Bite - Packen

  • Fetch - Bring

  • Jump - Hop

  • Out - Aus

  • Track - Such

  • Watch - Wache

  • Guard - Pass Auf

English - Czech Commands

  • Heel - Knoze

  • Sit - Sedni

  • Down - Lehni

  • Stay - Zustan

  • Come - Kemne

  • Stand - Stuj

  • No - Pfui

  • Bite - Drz

  • Fetch - Aport

  • Jump - Hop

  • Out - Pust

  • Track - Stopa

  • Guard - Pozor

  • Search - Revier

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