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Instructors - Canine Handlers

Mike Grossman

With over 16 years experience working canines for law enforcement / Search and Rescue, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge only professional canine handlers have.  Mike is the lead obedience instructor for multiple organizations and specializes in Law Enforcement Detection, Human Scent Tracking, and Man Trailing disciplines.  Mike currently supports multiple law enforcement agencies in the southern California region, from the Homicide Bureau to Search and Rescue Canines. Mike heads up the detection services for California Search K9 and leads all instruction for the company.

Ann has over 18 years experience working canines with varies law enforcement agencies including the FBI for approx 10 years.  Ann specializes in Cadaver Detection and Man Trailing.  Her general knowledge in all forms of canine training which makes her an valued part of our team.  Ann has been instructing obedience for the last 12 years and has a great knowledge base for specialized problems.  Ann works both Homicide Bureau and Search and Rescue Canine as well.

Ann Anderson

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